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Jeannie Love Gift Card

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Looking for gift ideas but can't decide what to give?

Give a Gift Certificate and let them have the pleasure of choosing some gorgeous yarn or accessories.

Just decide how much you want to give, select the amount from the drop-down menu and proceed to the checkout.

Gift Certificates can be redeemed online or in our store.  They will be delivered electronically by email.  If you would like the Gift Certificate to go direct to the receiver, just quote their email during checkout, or if you would like to give them a hard copy in person, just have it sent to your email and you can print it out. 

You will receive a code which is then used when making purchases.   This code will hold the balance of the Gift Certificate so you can use it for just one purchase or multiple purchases until the balance runs out.  When your balance is getting low, if your purchase amount is more than the balance, the system will ask for an additional payment method, ie. credit card, to pay the balance owing.

There is no expiry date on Gift Certificates.

Gift Certificates are for the purchase of goods only, they are not redeemable for cash.